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April 17, 2007 – Sabbatical Reflections

Here we are, coming into the home stretch of the “What Makes Your Heart Sing” sabbatical. We have weathered the winter and have tentatively embraced the beginning of spring and now we begin to look forward to Reverend Wendy’s arrival “back home” and the final days of the church year. From my perch as the pastoral minister I have been impressed with so much about the Harvard Unitarian Church ; your good will toward each other, your outreach to the community, your eagerness to hear new voices in the pulpit, your thriving Religious Education program and especially your love of a good party!

Really, just think about it. This winter and spring you have hosted a successful and joyful Auction (even when the winter winds were howling.) You gathered together for your grand tradition of the Seder and turned around two days later and celebrated Easter with an egg hunt that I understand was well attended even though the children and adults had to wear their winter coats and dig up eggs from the snow piles! And earlier in the season was the Hungarian Dinner and of course you put on a delicious repast of party food every Sunday after the Sunday service. Harvard knows how to party!

It seems to me that you know how to party because you know how important it is to create and celebrate the traditions of your community and of our faith. You know that part of being a welcoming congregation is setting a table that is big enough and full enough for everyone who wants to partake of the meal. I know that you could have said to each other “Let’s do take-out or leftovers while Reverend Wendy is gone” or “Let’s hunker down and preserve our energy until she comes back.” But you have not said that. In fact, you are bursting with new energy with your plans for the new Fellowship Hall. And by the time you are reading this you will be hearing back from the group of youth and adults that you sponsored on the hurricane relief mission trip.

It seems to me, from my perch, that you have continued during this sabbatical to search your hearts and souls for the song of this church. I know that the votes are not in yet but I think that the song has something to do with “Let’s Party!”

In faith, Rev. Marguerite


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