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February 20, 2012

There are many topics to report on from the January and February Board meetings. Below are some of the highlights.

Emergency Procedures - The Board has been reviewing the draft of a policy for Emergency Procedures. The Chalice Chat will include some important things to know in an emergency. For those of you who missed the most recent Chat, there are two first aid kits in the Church building. One is in the staff kitchen cabinet over the sink; the other is in the Bargains room, on their bottom office shelf. There are 7 fire extinguishers in the church building, can you locate them? Emergency phone numbers will be posted in both buildings and Liza Spisto will be getting CPR and first aid training.

Indoor Yard Sale - Thanks to everyone who contributed to this very successful fundraiser. The event raised just over $1000, which more than doubles the projected goal. The Fellowship Building was filled with about 20 sellers, a team of 15 committee helpers and buyers from many different towns. Plan on participating in the 2nd Annual Indoor Yard Sale next January!

MSYG fundraising – One of the tables at the Indoor Yard Sale was run by the Middle School Youth Group who sold books, CDs, DVDs, and snacks. They raised $600.27 for their support of The Sharing Foundation; this doubled their goal. What an achievement. It was a delight to see articles congratulating the MSYG in the local papers.

Finance Committee – We are still discussing the best way to create a new Finance Committee for HUUC. This month we read through annual reports from the Finance Committee that existed when we still had a Standing Committee. The next step is to meet with some of the people who served on that committee to brainstorm about a new advisory group.

Auction – Every year the Board suggests a Fund a Need item (often called a "flash item") for the Auction. This year we will be asking those gathered to help us raise money to replace the doors on the church. As you may have noticed the back door fell apart a short time ago; replacing it was very expensive. The rest of the doors are in terrible shape; we would like to replace them before they fall apart. This is not only a delicious dinner and an entertaining evening; it is the single largest fundraising event for the church. Let's fill every seat for the Auction. How about inviting your friends to come? Reserve an entire table?

Stewardship – We offer grateful recognition to the hard working Stewardship Team! Thank you to everyone who pledged to the church budget. A special thanks to all who supported our new drive to pay our Fair Share Dues. Elsewhere in this Belfry you will read Ginger Kendall's final report. It appears that our pledges fell about $10,000 short of the $172,000 goal. This is yet another reason to contribute to the auction and to attend with all your friends!

Budget time – Committees will soon be asked to submit budgets for next year. Please be mindful that with pledges not meeting our expectations, we will be challenged to present a balanced church budget.

Annual Meeting – Mark your calendars: the HUUC Annual Meeting will be held on May 22, 2012 after the worship service.

Take Joy!

Cary Browse for the Board : Rev. Wendy Bell, Cary Browse, Chuck Agosta, Susie Macrae, Sally Steele, Darrell Wickman, Rebecca Wright


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