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October 18, 2011

The Board has been busy this month reviewing the results of last year’s vision survey and developing a plan for this year. Our new vision statement will help the Board identify how to best utilize our limited resources. We have looked carefully at the data gathered and made a list of the ideas that invoke the most energy from the respondents. Some of it was good energy, some of it more anxious. Here is the list we came up with:

  • Supplying food to those in need and other social action projects
  • Fellowship Building: being used for events, etc.
  • Programs that support Spiritual Growth
  • Youth and Intergenerational programming
  • Supporting our values about the environment and being Green
  • (Anxious energy around) scarcity of resources; both financial and volunteer

The Board feels energized to work on an annual pledge drive that meets or exceeds our goals, and to work towards increasing the church share of the cost of staff health insurance.

As we go forward with our work, we will use the vision statement and the data collected to keep us all focused on what matters most to the congregation.

The Stewardship Campaign will launch early in November. This year members will be asked to help balance our budget by contributing $80 each to cover the cost that the church pays toward the Annual Program Fund at the UUA ($58/member) and our District dues ($22/member). At the annual meeting last year members unanimously voted to continue to pay our Fair Share. The Board fully supports this approach and will help the Stewardship Committee with the expanded campaign. Please consider maintaining your pledge amount and adding the dues in addition.

On Saturday, October 22 four Board members and Rev. Wendy will be attending a district workshop on Conflict and Competing Values in Congregations. We will give you an update on what we learn next month.

The Board will be cooking and serving dinner for the Community Café on November 6. This is our first social action project as a Board and we are all looking forward to it.

Take Joy!

Cary Browse for the Board
Rev. Wendy Bell, Cary Browse, Chuck Agosta, Susie Macrae, Sally Steele, Darrell Wickman, Rebecca Wright


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